Spa Body Treatments

Body Contouring

Cryo Sculpting- PureSculpt is a revolutionary product which contours and energizes the body. This natural, detoxifying red clay is infused with herbs such as green tea, lavender and a combination of more than 20 invigorating herbs that help detoxify and slim the body. Drastically change the look of your body and skin with the first application.

Single Session - Guest: $200     Members: $190
Package of 3 - $540
Package of 5 - $800

Cavitation is a safe and effective method of destroying adipose cells in localized fat areas. It is a non invasive treatment using exclusive fat breaking technology. The results are remarkable, especially in areas difficult to reduce by diet or exercise.

Single Session 30 min. - Guest: $75     Members: $65
3 Sessions -Guest: $175     Members: $160
6 Sessions - Guest: $325     Members: $305
10 Sessions - Guest: $475     Members: $450

Wraps and Peels

Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap- Metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich Klamath Blue-Green Algae hydrates and detoxifies the body while losing inches.

Guests: $115
Members: $100

Exfoliating BodyWrap- This treatments is very effective and anti-cellulite. Guaranteed to help you lose inches and eliminate toxins, this wrap will also rejuvenate your skin and sculpt your silhouette.

Guests: $180
Members: $160

French Clay AlgaeWrap- French Green Clay draws out impurities, while lavender essential oil soothes the skin, This treatment provides cleansing, balancing, soothing and healing properties.

Guests: $120
Members: $110

Lifting and Firming Mask- Algae is applied as a body mask to firm and tighten. This treatments is per large part.

Guests: $90
Members: $70

Clarifying Body Treatments

Exfoliating Body Treatment- Dry skin? No Problem! Allow our therapist to massage your body with stimulating war salts that remove dead skin and help increase circulation.

Guests: $ 130
Members: $120

Blemished or red skin? These services are designed to treat acne-prone or red areas of the body. Our state-of-the-art LED technology will penetrate the skin at a deeper level than just washing and will help with complexion issues. Reveal healthy and younger looking skin today!

Back and Arm Treatment - 60 Minutes - Guests: $100     Members: $90

Leg Treatment - 60 Minutes - Guests: $100     Members: $90

Back HydraFacial - 30 Minutes - Guests: $145     Members: $130

Stretch-Mark, Scar and Uneven Pigmentation- Single Session - Guests: $120     Members: $110

*Packages available

Skin Tag Removal

5 Tag - $100